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"Stakeouts Are Not For Makeouts" (Almost Human John/Dorian fic, 9.2k, beta round 2)
"Hidden Ink" (Dean/Cas community college AU, 9.5k, needs work)
"What We Ache For" (Dean/Cas Prostitute AU, 40k+, rewriting)
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Sam Accidentally Sees the Whole Picture — almaasi

Sam’s been through a lot lately, what with tonight’s hunt rendering his skin an aching shade of purple and all. He can deal with Dean being overly concerned about Cas’ broken finger, and - God help him - he puts up with the sound of their preposterously soppy love confessions and first kisses on the adjacent bed. But he cannot be expected to remain silent and feign sleep throughout the entire duration of their first-ever lovemaking session. He just can’t. Especially not, because it seems apparent that Cas is more intent on deflowering himself than letting Dean do it.

10,400 words, NC-17

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